Imagine someone giving you the password to a secret lock that contains a billion dollar of dollars. That’s what this post promise to give you, definitely it is not a password to money but  an admission safe.

Here it is: I am currently a student of the better by far institution, University of Ilorin. To tell you the truth, It is awesome being here. I am rapidly learning great things from MR.s, Dr.s and even Professors here. These specialists have wealth of knowledge to impact. They atop their careers and have great messages to deliver. They are eyeopeners.


Apart from the average end goal of earning a degree to get a great job and work for great companies, the experience in itself is extremely fascinating and full of opportunities. You are connected to thousands of learners. New friends, new faces, new lessons every single day.


As a digital entrepreneur, I also find the endless WI-FI connection, the digital library, the constant power supply and other resources at my disposal to learn and grow, to think differently and change the world I live in. It is awesomely incredible. It is somewhat dreams coming true.


… But Why Did I Start With That?

Quality higher education has no alternative. You simply have it or forget it.


In the world we live today, the only instrument to maintain your momentum and get to reach your dreams is to obtain the right knowledge. It is no doubt we live in a knowledge economy. And also, a complicated world of scare job and limited opportunities where quality education often make the different.


The average company out there don’t want to hire, but they found themselves helpless than to scout for the few best human resources within their reach, hire them and task them to the optimum.


Even with the overwhelming hiring and firing system, you are far from getting noticed when you posses zero higher qualifications or you bask around with the less appreciated qualifications of say NCE, OND or HND.


You are simply not at pal with the current market demand. Truth be told, there is always this wide gap between a university graduate and the NCE or O’ Level holder. The different is just too clear.


So Why Allowing JAMB?

Many at times, I observe that most admission seekers are just not serious about gaining admission to their dream universities (to study the course they love). They are simply not ready to go get the skills they need to change the world. They are too comfortable, so they leave their admission fate for JAMB to decide.


If JAMB would not give me admission, I have nothing else to do. I will simply keep persisting.


But, the truth is, no matter how much you persist your persistence can’t open a strong room with bare hands unless you have the keys.


JAMB is never a fair game, thank God I made it in 2014. I fear what the chance will be for the hundreds of my mate in secondary school that lined right behind me academically. If our best secondary school graduating student couldn’t earn enough points in JAMB to make the university then what is in it for the rest of us.


JAMB is that silly. It is primarily apply for than many of its alternatives, but it sucks an ample of times. I have heard stories of friends that write the incredible exam six to seven times before making the quantum leap and scaling through.


It just doesn’t feel reasonable again to bet a whole year anticipating JAMB will do you right this time. What if you fail? What if the computer is naught like the last time? What backup plan do you have? Where will you turn next to?


Your admission is that important that you need it now. Your mates are already building hay while the sun shine. Yes, I propagate principles of different time zone for each individual. Yet, I want you to realize the gravity is always there, and sometimes it is time you are simply failing because you allow it to hold you down.


So What Am I Suggesting?


Seize the year.


You can’t get 2017 back. If you forfeit your chance of admission again this year, no matter how much you have you can’t buy the wasted year. Don’t foolishly hope again. Stop the ideal analysis, face the reality.


The number of aspirants JAMB receives per years comparing to the number of universities in take shows a lacuna you need to notice. JAMB is the game of the smartest, most influential and lucky folks.


You can’t bank on mere luck and stiff chance. You need to think and act outside the box.


Do Other Credible Exams

That’s all there’s to it. The end justify the means.


Before your younger siblings becomes your mentor at the university, ment yourself. There are great alternatives to JAMB, you can find them here.


The good news is: you simply can legally match the up with JAMB. It is a great opportunity here staring at you.


With IJMB or JUPEB, you will no longer literally beg JAMB for admission. It just promises to be the end of you risking the whole of 365 days hoping JAMB will be better this year.


We all know the truth, JAMB will never be easier. The more student finish secondary school year the more the number of aspirants increase. The flaw is this: JAMB cannot provide admission for all the student that graduate from secondary school that years yet they have thousands of students who have attempted it years earlier. So the number just keep multiply and the chances of admission becoming slimmer by the day.


It is now up to you to determine whether to simply play along and allow JAMB to solely determine how your admission goes this year or you take change and have a reliable backup plan.


Call To Action

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With Beam Educational Consult, your admission is guaranteed. We assure you of winning. It is what we promise you, and exactly what will we do.


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