Do you want to pass your exams with distinction? Do you want to recall what you have read faster? If your answer to all of these questions is YES, then you need to follow this post every week to get to know how you can boost your brain power.

Your brain power determines your mental performance. To improve your brain power is to increase your value and self worth.

Have you heard of NEUROPLASTICITY? It seems to be a big word right?….but its simple meaning is that your brain can form new neural pathways and adapt to changes with correct stimulations. The first stimulation to share with you this week is ….’brain workout’.

  • It simply means breaking your routine. The more you work out your brain, the better you process and recall information quickly. These may include changing the arrangement in your wardrobe, visiting new places, learning new skills, following another pathway apart from the usual path, changing your location, position or seat…all of these activities do not stimulate in the same way. The best activity is the one that breaks your routine and also challenges you. Doing IJMB/JUPEB may help you break the routine of doing JAMB every year, thereby creating a sure way for admission into 200 level for yourself. I look forward to reading from you as a feedback of how this tip is of help to you…the next tip will be shared next week…until then keep boosting your brain by doing regular workout. God bless you.

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