You probably have been hearing about the almighty Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) which guarantee students’ admission into 200 level to any university in Nigeria to study any course of their choice.
This examination is handle and process by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. It is a four courses examination more like JAMB but with different dexterity of answering and handling which makes important for training of students in a two semesters session for the examination.

This examination has over 100,000 candidates in its preceding year, 2016/2017. What is remarkable is the high level of success often recorded for students nationwide. In short, the following five reasons makes IJMB irresistible for aspirants that really need and serious about gaining admission to a university in Nigeria.

IJMB is Safer

You heard me right.

Try consider your old with JAMB. It looks like only 3 out of 10 aspirants gets admitted, 2 of which become polytechnic or college of education students.

It is saddening that JAMB can secure admission for only 400K out of the 1.5M aspirants that write the examination yearly. This account for only 27% of the candidates that seat for the exam.

On the other hand, IJMB provide admission for over 58,000 out of her 100,000 candidates annually. It is about 58% of the total number of student, twice the percent of that of JAMB.

Direct Entry

In most institutions in Nigeria, 100 Level is the probation which means you are not yet a bona fide student of the institution. For instance, in the University of Ilorin, there is the idea of crossing GP for all 100 level students. If you don’t make up to 1.5 out of the 5 points scale GP, you forfeit your “provisional” admission and you will send home fortunately with your PC tablet.

However, IJMB scaled you over the board in two ways. One, the lectures you receive in preparation for IJMB is at pal with that of the higher institution of learning. In fact, at Eminent College we hire teaching lecturers with remarkable records to tutor you for the exams.

Secondly, as a direct entry 200 level student your chances of not crossing is close to zero. Although you’ll also placed on the 1.5 GP minimum, but it is far from what is unattainable from your wealth of knowledge from the IJMB centre. This is provable to the extent that many of our graduated students turned out to become scholars in their prestigious departments.

IJMB Lasts Longer

You have heard the idea of write now, use latter.
For IJMB, put your mind at rest. Just make it once and decide latter if you are ready go school.

Unlike JAMB and other matriculation examination, IJMB is created to span for years after you earn your result. You may even decide to use it to process your second degree. It has 7 to no expiry date.

Like the programming language called JAVA, you write IJMB once and its runs anywhere, anytime. For IJMB, it is write now, use any year.

If you are a student who is not sure about the source of your acceptance and tuition fee, use IJMB as your best bet.

You simply write it now and make it, then work towards ensuring everything is in place then go for your admission straight to 200 level.

IJMB Accepts Awaiting Results.

The new policy of JAMB for the 2017 examination is no awaiting result.
Of course, as an educational expert we know a lot of students suffers from the iron hands of either Math, English or Chemistry in their O ’level results. This papers are important to particular courses yet they are just the hardest for students to conquer.

Placing hope on coming results is often the case for students that register for JAMB. But now, the body is saying a big NO. There I suggest to you IJMBE as your better alternative.

The truth is: even if your awaited results finally come out the blur way. Your IJMB result is still secure. You only need to rewrite your O ’level papers again not the two as for JAMB.

IJMB Err Proof

That’s a technical jargon I do not understand. Well, let me simply explain.
Have you heard of Café went wrong errors that makes someone you know finally not get admitted through JAMB?
It happens to me. Since, JAMB can primarily be registered at any café that possibly have internet access and subscribe to be a registration centres, either quack or not.

In 2013, I applied for admission to the University of Ibadan through JAMB. Unfortunately, I fell into the wrong hand the café guy was either in haste or something near. He mistype my O’ level remarks and pass it on to JAMB.
What happened in return? I wasn’t offered admission for inconsistent records. Really? Inconsistent record for a year at home. Yes, it is that simple. It can happen to anybody.

The mark is that IJMB doesn’t have an official site and no registration online. Leave it or take it.
You can only fill the form registration as a student online for our centre, here. For the full registration for the IJMB examination, you will be properly scrutinized for it. It follows a simple but due process which we will guide you through. No errs. Even if there is, it is for us to rectify for you.

Call to Action

You have read it all. IJMB is wonderful. It is superb. Direct entry. No fusion in registration. The result lasts as long as you can think.

Why don’t you go register for the session in the most trusted centre in Ilorin?

Or if probably you are a parent, register your precious child at once. He is not a dullard; JAMB is too stiff even for geniuses to get admitted.

You can call our 24/7 customer care agent to listen to sweet voices that provide you with all other details you may need to know about the IJMB exam.

Call us on 080-IJMBCONNECT (08035484338) or mail us We respond right on time.


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