If you are my type of person with a clear skeptical mind, it’s good. Sometimes it’s safer to analysis all the possible out-comings and calculated risks associated with whatsoever we want to attempt.

IJMB is more secure than JAMB in the table of admission preference, but it doesn’t mean it’s all-in-one admission pack. Nor it’s a magical key to unlock the admission gate. Unfortunately, this is the average applicant mentality to IJMB.

Thus, I noticed there are a few things we must all get clear about IJMB. Here are the 5 most important facts you should know about IJMB before leaping into the register today buzz.

IJMB is Real

Firstly and most importantly, it is a good I point out that IJMB is no scam examination. It’s real and government approved. It’s duly run, supervised and maintain by the Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zairia, Nigeria.

IJMB is not an International Exam

Unlike TOEFL, IJMB is a national matriculation exam made for Nigerian and primarily the northern parts of the country. Although the examination has massively spread to both the eastern and western parts of the country.

However, IJMB is not an international examination like say TOEFL. It’s only for Nigerians and Nigeria universities that accepts it.

It’s Not Every University That Accepts IJMB

Yes. You can find an elaborate list of Nigerian Universities that accepts IJMB on this site. But don’t be decieved that all universities in Nigeria accepts IJMB. In fact, University of Ibadan accepts it but only give qualified students admission to 100 level and not 200 level.

IJMB is different from JUPEB

Once, a centre promises to register JUPEB for you if your IJMB registration fails. Best Advise: pick your shoes and run. JUPEB is another matriculation exam entirely. It’s just with limited number of universities that accept the result of the exam for admission application in Nigeria.

IJMB Result Don’t Expire

Primarily, we have come to the conclusion that IJMB result don’t expire. Although, there is yet to be a definite examination law from the exam governing body to stipulate the non-expiry status of the exam, but literally the examination results as been a currency for consistent exchange for admission in most universities today.

In fact, the first set of IJMB candidates can still use their result to pursue admission as of today.

Bonus: There are FAKE IJMB Centres

Of course, what do you expect? Whenever there are originals, there are bond to be the opposite. Be careful when picking up forms online. There are many scam sites only that neither had a reliable centre nor the right information to put you through your registration. Stay safe. Check all signs before paying to an IJMB center.

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